President: Vern Annis

Vern is a licensed minister with 11 years of pastoral experience, who oversees the spiritual aspects of Source of Life.

Secretary: Charles Hegberg

Chuck is educated as an environmental scientist, whose work with Source of Life includes creation care, environmental restoration, food security, sustainable clean drinking water, and perma-culture design.

Treasurer: Susan Luers

Sue, in conjunction with a local Christian CPA firm, oversees the finances of the ministry.


Linda Spafford

For nearly 20 years Linda had been involved in missions’ programs and has traveled frequently to Europe and Africa in support of those projects.

Kathleen Annis

Kathy is a certified travel consultant. She organizes and oversees group of US Christians, who travel to other countries to perform missionary service.

Jacques Merine

Jacques and Marie are Haitian born US citizens, whose burden for their native country led to the formation of Source of Life Ministry. They have been actively involved in Haitian ministry since 1999, starting with the construction of a building, that is now home to a Christian congregation and a K-12 rural school. Most recently they oversaw the opening of a safe home for abandoned children, that is located just outside of Haiti’s capitol city.

Marie Merine

See above.

Joseph Luers

Joe is a business owner, who has used his business to bless Christian mission endeavors both in the US and abroad.

Jean Leak

Jean is an RN, who assists with nutritional and health issues

Dr. Donna Saunders

Donna is a child psychologist, who specializes in the emotional development of disadvantaged children growing up in an urban environment.