Our Mission

Source of Life Ministries strives to provide a safe and loving environment for impoverished children rescued from the streets of Haiti’s capital city and suburbs. By providing a Christ-centered spiritual foundation, a good education, emotional support, life-sustaining food and modern conveniences in a comfortable home, it is the goal of this ministry to raise these children with a heart for their country and its people. Through the development of life skills, compassion and a drive to enact change, these children can grow to make a positive impact on the future of their nation.

Our Vision

Why is Haiti such an issue?

A boy rests after the massive earthquake in 2010

Haiti is a country whose people live without hope. The government is very hands off, lacking any type of assistance program for the poor or even laws requiring education. Hunger is the biggest issue facing most citizens, which makes it difficult to look to the future.

Its location on an island in the Atlantic also makes it susceptible to natural disasters from hurricanes, tropical storms and flooding. Of course, in 2010 it also fell victim to a massive earthquake that left behind high death tolls and damage. Many cities are still recovering and rebuilding even five years later.

In that same year, Haiti was also struck by a severe cholera outbreak. While the origins of the illness may not have originated among the Haitian population itself, the lack of infrastructure and basic hygiene has certainly only added to the difficulty in eradicating the continued spread.

All of these things are just glimpses into the problems that are faced by this tiny fourth world country. Despite millions of dollars in aid and unaccountable man-hours put in by various aid groups and ministries, Haiti has continued to languish in its poverty.

What can be done?

As a native of the country with the unique opportunity of viewing the problems from the outside, Jacques Merine believes that positive change can only come from within. Haitians are not taught to love their country. They only know hunger and short term goals for survival. By saving the poorest of the poor – the forgotten street children of Haiti – we can show them a new way of life.

Most orphaned children who are fortunate enough to go into an orphanage are put up for adoption. Every Haitian knows that they can have a better life in the U.S. or Canada or France. Those who are not adopted out are fed and clothed and given a grade school education until they age out of the program.

How is Source of Life Ministries different?

Some of the first children in Source of Life Ministries
2009 – Some of the first children in Source of Life Ministries

We do not allow adoptions – our vision is to show Haitian children that they do not need to leave their country to have a better life. That is why our home has electricity, running water, indoor toilets and a modern kitchen. When our transportation is running, we drive the children to school and church instead of making them walk. All of these seemingly small details are what the average Haitian lacks in their everyday life.

We will help our children achieve higher education – to take a child from the streets and care for him until he is 18 and put him back on the street has only set that child up for failure. In Haiti, grade school extends into the early 20s. Afterwards, it is imperative that a person receive job training or attend trade school or university to acquire a job that will sustain life. Our vision includes helping these children get the education they need to begin careers that will make a positive impact on their nation and its people.

We provide for their spiritual needs – most orphanages run by churches or other ministries certainly introduce the gospel to their children, but we see it as equally vital to the food they eat and the clothes they wear. We believe in the power of prayer and have seen what it can do in the lives of these poor and outcast children. Only by the power of God and His provision have these children thrived. They attend nearby churches and often receive visits from local pastors or hold their own Bible studies. It is important in a country without hope that these children have a source of true Hope.

What do you hope to achieve?

It is this ministry’s vision that these children will learn to love their nation and see that they can have a good life in Haiti. We hope that they will grow and learn and be successful, and that they will reach out to other children and teach them the same values. When given a proper start, they can bring about change in their country and lay a path towards prosperity. We hope that you will prayerfully consider helping us in our mission. Please contact us with any questions you have about the ministry and we will be happy to provide more information.