This section can really be split into two categories – in addition to the expenses required to fund the day-to-day operations of the safe home, there are always larger projects/items to be completed/purchased that require additional funds. Our project list is generally made up of items that are either in the process of being completed or that are slated for a time when funds become available.


We have been greatly blessed in ways that have reduced a number of expenses that would have otherwise been a part of our monthly overhead. The land and completed construction has been fully paid off and we are so grateful for our solar panels and water tank, which allow for electricity and indoor plumbing at a very low cost.

Our remaining operational expenses include food, clothing, school supplies and tuition for the children as well as the fuel and maintenance for our transportation. There is also a Haitian staff of nine that cares for the children on a daily basis. These are the only people who receive payment for their services to the ministry.



The construction of a Guest House is high priority.

Guest House – This project must be remain at the top of our focus for a few reasons. First, it will allow our teams to stay on site where they can get to know the children individually. Second, I would like to avoid having any potential issues with Social Services. Lastly, it will be a source of income for our ministry. Therefore, I’m looking for a way to raise $65,000 for this project. I need your help in order to reach this goal. If you would like to organize fundraiser, or know of any churches or businesses that would like to partner with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. We have done it many times before, and I truly believe we can do it again.

Security wall – By far the most time-consuming and expensive undertaking to date. Not only is the wall an important defense against squatters and malicious persons, it is now a requirement. The Haitian government now requires that all orphanages be surrounded by a security wall, which means that progress must continue to be shown. The plot itself measures 330’ by 280’ requiring a wall more than 1200’ in length. Construction of the wall is very time consuming and expensive owing to the fact that the concrete blocks are made and then assembled by hand.

Moving Forward:

Self-sufficiency is a long-term goal. The children have already established a decent flock of chickens thanks to a neighboring church!
Self-sufficiency is a long-term goal. The children have already established a decent flock of chickens thanks to a neighboring church!

Self-sufficiency – This is a long-term goal that requires the completion of other items on this list before it can become a focus. The children have already established a decent flock of chickens thanks to a neighboring church, and they are working on raising goats. With the addition of gardening and, hopefully, some insight and instruction from US farmers, we will be able to supply most of our own food so less funding will need to be used to feed the children.

College Funds – For our mission to be a success, we must provide encouragement and the means for our children to complete training, trade school or university. In a country where the masses live without hope, our children have begun to dream of their futures for the first time. The oldest child is about two years from finishing “high school”. We have already begun setting aside a modest amount in anticipation of these events, but it is our fervent desire to have a college fund for each child in the program.