Street in Port Au Prince before the 2010 quake
Street in Port Au Prince before the 2010 quake

Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. Continual political unrest, food shortages, environmental degradation and repeated natural disasters have made daily life nearly unbearable. The majority of citizens live in poverty without the basic amenities most Americans rely upon every day.

Although numerous governmental, non-governmental and non-profit agencies have spent decades working to relieve the poverty-stricken, the problem remains. The root of the problem lies within the culture, government and infrastructure of the country itself; if things are to change for the long-term, it will be up to the Haitian people to create a new future. Source of Life Ministries believes that the future of any nation lies with its children.

The first step to creating a new path for Haiti is to reach out and show its youngest citizens that they can have a good life in their own country. If we can teach them to love their country and its people, provide the hope for a brighter future and help them to rely on God as their anchor, we can help these young people change their circumstances.

It is a big task to accomplish, and we pray that you will partner with us to bring the vision to fruition.

There are many ways to get involved!

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