God’s Provision is Amazing – A Special Thanks to Some PA Friends

First off, thanks to God for His provision!

A special thanks to two individuals:

I would like to thank Zachary Kinard at Bethesda Mission in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. They provided us with rice and beans to help our community. I also want to thank Pam Flickinger at Operation Community Care in Littlestown, Pennsylvania who also donated all kind of goods including rice and beans. These donations have allowed us to feed those in need.  I would like to let both of you know that without your involvement we would never have been able to reach so many families in Haiti. Thank you for your willingness and your attention to the Haitian situation. I’m looking forward to continue working with both of your organization to advance the Kingdom of God. May the power of God continue open many doors for your work.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this effort. Without your involvement, we wouldn’t be able to do it. It is truly a blessing to work with every one of you and you have blessed others in Haiti.


Jacques Merine